High performance,
active noise cancellation

For the best noise isolation, the Moon integratea a powerful active noise cancellation system with a precise self-adaptive mechanism that reduces noise by 92% or 22dB which far exceeds the performance of other high-end noise reductive headphones. The distraction of the outside world fades away when the Moon is put on.

Noise reduction rate

Noise reduction efficiency

Dynamic, natural, and
hi-fidelity audio performance

This high fidelity sound system faithfully delivers dramatic music and pounding bass! With distortion below 1%, we drive high quality sound effects down to every second to make every note authentic and natural.


Powerful and accurate
bass response

The Moon incorporates algorithms that accentuate the bass audio just enough to create a comfortable audio balance. The wide frequency range and rich detailed sound create a soundtrack that completes your viewing experience.

Powerful stereo

Wide frequency range

Ultra-soft headphone covers
for comfortable long-term use

The Moon's ultra-soft, skin-like headphone cover provides a comfortable embrace of your ear. The muffs are engineered to release pressure during each note to give long term comfort.

Ergonomically designed
to fit everyone

The complex structure of the Moon ear muff ensures a comfortable fit for faces of all shapes and sizes. Its ergonomically designed ear fitting automatically adapts to your ears.

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